Questions to help designer find the IKIGAI— 1st Part

Answering questions from Dropbox Culture Kits

  • Design Project Templates is about the structure and approach how do we can execute the project. It also contains the Figma file structure that we can apply at our work. The interesting part here is the Project Overview on Overview Page which has critical questions to answer to help do the project better.
  • Distribute Sprint Kits will be helpful for the ideation session with our team. Just like Miro, but on Figma.
  • Culture Kits contains an interesting method to help designers and team find the IKIGAI within the work. In the conversation cards section, there are many great questions to forced me to reflect and think again as a UI UX Designer.

If you were forced to take time off from your work to learn a new skill, what would it be?

Learn Adobe Illustrator to design illustration, icons, and any other graphics. I know this will support my digital product skill set. But, till now I don’t make much progress on it yet.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

My advice for 18 years old me when I starting as a UI UX Designer would be

  • Imitate great design out there as many as you can, so you know how those things are made. Learn the pattern. Observe what make those good design.
  • Join many UI UX Events, so you get the latest insight into the product design industry. Besides that, also good to have friends or know somebody that already experienced.
  • Freelance project and side-project are matter. Do that in your free time. It will boost your skillset both of hard skill and soft skill.
  • Be humble and always learning. Don’t have a mindset to be an expert in a short time. You need to deal with the progress. It takes a long time.

If you could do any job in the world what would it be?

Writing a book. Travelling overseas. Building Products and Business. Something in between all of them.

If you had a skill set to join any other team or role what would it be and why?

The role would be a Product Design Lead which I lead a design team designing a delightful digital product for the customers.

  • Communicate with both internal and external stakeholders about anything related to product design.
  • Advocate and participate in product innovation.
  • Designing simple, easy to use, delightful and magical digital product. Combination of the interface looks like and how does it work.
  • Have a strong empathy and humble response to gather feedback and critics from any person.

What is one thing you hope people would say about your work?


What is something important to you that your peers might not know about?

I want to work on a project that has principle and idealism. So, not only follow the design from big companies but has enough courage to do something just the way we want.

What was your dream job when you were a kid? How does that compare to what you’re doing now?

Umm, I’m not sure what the exact dream that I want when I was a kid. Some multiples dreams keep changing as time went by.

Which of your talent shine in your current role?

Currently, I’m working as a designer at Itsavirus. Together with my fellow designer, We’ve been done various projects.



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