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I have no idea about the picture. That’s why I just put banana for the thumbnail.

Working in a software company as a designer demand high flexibility in term of the working process. The things like budget, timelines, deadline, amount of stakeholders, the scope of the project influent different strategies and approaches in the execution manner.

If you are curious about the typical work as a designer in a software agency such as

The reasons and a better alternative out there

Time Tracking for design task. Background Image from Unsplash.

Working in a company that uses time tracking is such a common thing nowadays where the employee is paid by the number of hours they are putting in.

The idea is simple and acceptable by most business people. The more you do the work, the longer time it takes, and the more you earn.

The client who will pay us has the idea of what did we do and how much they need to pay, through seeing the time and work description.

But working as a designer to track our time is a bit tricky and confusing. I’ll share the…

Questioned me as a Digital Product Designer

Image from Unsplash

Today when I just googling around the internet, I found resources from Dropbox on Figma.

There are 3 files there. Design Project Templates, Distribute Sprint Kits, and Culture Kits.

When I have a look. Here all those are about.

a nature observer🏔 Interested in design, writing, photography, and something in between

Iosi is an Itsavirus designer from Surabaya, Indonesia. He has been working for a year here. He contributed to several Itsavirus projects including Scrumboardy, Bookatrekking, Swheels, Transit Protocol, Smoove Pay, and lately The New Itsavirus website.

Hi Iosi, would you like to introduce yourself, please? Hobbies are welcome to be mentioned

Sure. Hi everyone. Hi readers. It pleasure know you read my interview.

I’m Iosi Pratama, my friends usually call me Iosi or Yosi with the same spoken result. 21 years old who currently working as a designer at Itsavirus since November last year.

Outside of office hours, I’d love doing any type of sports. Gym, Football, Badminton, Ping pong, Swimming, etc.

Besides that, I…

A former front end developer who shift to become a designer

Aris is another awesome designer here at Itsavirus, working well together directly with me handling some projects since the beginning of this year. Those are Swheels, Transit Protocol, Bookatrekking, and Smoove Pay.

Today is my pleasure to have him at this interview.

In the previous interview, I have an interview with Dwi Asri who lead the overall design team at Itsavirus. We talked about his experiences, hobbies, and advice for young designers. Check this out 👇

Hi Aris, let’s begin with introducing yourself?

Hi, I am Aris, 22 years old. I was born and grew up in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

I like doing sports such as…

Cats 🐈, Beach 🏖, Illustration 🎎, and Marie Kondo 👩‍💼

I’m happy to have our lead designer from Itsavirus to answer questions related to her experiences as a designer, how she works and her favourite music while working.

I hope you can get some inspirations and insights from her that perhaps you can apply it to your daily life.

Enjoy Reading!

Hi, Dwi thanks for making time to answer my questions. I know you are a bit busy with the projects that you handle at the moment. But, since this the Medium page of the Itsavirus designers, we really need you here! 😅

Let’s begin by introducing yourself, perhaps your…

The WHY, HOW, and WHAT

This is one of our secrets within Itsavirus Design Team in order to always moving forward together as designers.

We called the ritual Designer Retrospective

Similar to Retrospective activity in Scrum Methodologies. The retrospective time or we call it Retro in a short term is a dedicated time to reflect how we have been working in a certain period/sprint.

We use Retro to look back what works well and what didn’t so we can learn from our past experiences. Keep up the good thing and improve what’s still bad.

In Itsavirus Design Team itself, we have been doing Design Retrospective…

Challenges & Things to do

Photo by Csaba Balazs on Unsplash

Working in a software agency could be a good chance for designers to accelerate their skills and experience because we have time and space to do different types of projects.

But, it also comes with various challenges that possibly make you scream out and give you bad dreams.

In this writing, I will share with you about those things. The things that I’ve observed while working in a software agency especially at Itsavirus, the challenges and things to do to handle it.

Without having said. Prepare your comfortable position, plug in your music, and continue reading this.

Let’s get started.

Working as a designer in a Software Agency

Bagian dari program Mentoring UI UX Designer oleh Dilo Surabaya

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Tulisan ini adalah lanjutan dari tanya jawab seputar UI UX Desain sebelumnya bagian 1.

Karena terlalu panjang, jadi saya pecah menjadi 2 bagian.

Buat kamu yang belum membaca bagian satu, bisa membacanya disini.

Sekarang mari kita lanjutkan ke partisipan berikutnya

Pertanyaa dari Irfan Dwi Haryo Sena, Intern UI Designer

Bagaimana tahapan meredesign UI yang sebelumnya sudah ada di dalam suatu startup?Atau hanya meredesign bagian yang sekiranya perlu diredesign/semuanya?

Pertanyaan ini mirip dengan pertanyaan yang sebelumnya tentang bagaimana memperbaiki desain suatu produk digital yang sudah ada.

Untuk tahapan pertama kita perlu evaluasi aplikasi startup tersebut. …

Bagian dari program Mentoring UI UX Designer oleh Dilo Surabaya

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Kali ini saya berkempatan untuk berbagi dalam program Mentoring UI UX Designer yang diinisiasi oleh Dilo Surabaya.


Designing Digital Product / Designing @Itsavirus. My Personal Journal on 👉 / Chat me on Twitter @iosipratama 🐦

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